MILO Range features Kinect for Windows, Interactive Scenarios, VBS2, Firearms training and Taser options. Call today 800-344-1707 or use our contact page to contact the sales rep in your area.

Firearms Training
MILO Range supports a wide variety of weapons for firearms training. Dry-fire and WRK recoil simulation weapons include pistols, rifles, and long guns.

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Lowlight Options
MILO Range offers lowlight/flashlight modes to adjust the ambient lighting level of the simulation on the fly.

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MILO Range offers a large library of interactive graphic-based exercises including custom Course-of-Fire and Marksmanship drills.

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Interactive Scenarios
MILO Range includes over 500 High Definition and Standard Definition interactive branching scenarios. Most scenarios have been based off real life experiences and expertise. Topics cover a wide variety of training situations including traffic stops, active shooter situations, burglaries, domestic disturbances, corrections, patrol and many others.

Knowledge Base Library
Knowledgebase within MILO Range allows instructors to reinforce police and procedure information during the simulation experience.

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Kinect for Windows
The MILO Range Pro with Kinect for Windows feature can enhance your training by detecting and responding to a variety of verbal and body movements.
Click on the video above to see what Milo Range can provide and how we enhance training.
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Trainee Action Capture
Trainee Action Capture (TAC) records video and audio of the student during the training session.

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Taser & ESW
The MILO Range Taser & ESW accurately represents the real operation of real Taser weapons within the simulation.

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Return Fire
The MILO Range shoot-back and return fire technology allows safe, instructor controlled firing capabilities during the simulation.

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Range React!
MILO Range offers a wireless feedback device (vibration) that can be remotely triggered during high risk events in the simulation.

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Range Anywhere
MILO Range Anywhere is a wireless hand held device that allows instructors to work closely with the student in the training area.

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Less Lethal
MILO Range supports a full range of simulated less lethal weapons, including projectiles, OC spray, baton and Taser/ECW.

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Scenario Creation
MILO Range offers the ability for customers to design and create their own scenarios for use in the MILO Range simulator. From shooting video, editing and creating the custom lessons for the system, you can make your own training experience.

MILO Range VBS2 training game provides a customizable, 3D first person training simulation in virtual environments, with targets, military and civilian entities.

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Green Screen
The MILO Green Screen feature allows the placement of alternate background environments behind scenarios performed in front of a green screen.

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