Interactive Kinect for Windows Options

Milo Range Kinect MILO Range Pro and Advanced systems now feature IES's exclusive Kinect™ for Windows® options that provides new and enhanced interaction and functionality for a variety of training objectives. MILO Range with Kinect™ for Windows® takes the realism of training, interactivity, and responsiveness to an entirely new level never seen before in any type of firearm or use-of-force training systems.

The MILO Range Pro with Kinect™ for Windows® feature enabled can detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal actions, including:

  • Baton Swings
  • Punches, Strikes, and Kicks
  • Defensive & Offensive Movements and Positions
  • Customized Poses and Gestures
  • Tactical Movement and Positions
  • Speech and Verbal Commands

MILO Range with Kinect™ for Windows® can provide real-time point-of view (POV) adjustments to the scenario and graphics field of view based on trainee movement and position. This interactive, motion-based feature provides innovative training experiences for many tactical applications including corner clearing training, defensive tactics and cover as well as CQM and CQB exercises.

The optional Kinect™ for Windows® system package can be purchased from IES and added to your MILO Range Pro or Advanced system. This includes an update to MILO version 4 and new training scenarios created for interaction with the MILO Kinect™ for Windows® option-exclusively available from IES.
Click on the video above to see what Milo Range can provide and how we enhance training.

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